Types of Vinyl Privacy Fences For North East Ohio

In Blog by Jim Randall

vinyl-fencing-install-North-east-OHIn many neighborhoods across America, privacy fencing is a must. It is an important part of a home’s exterior and offers privacy and security against trespassers. That’s not all, with a high-quality vinyl privacy fence, the value of your home will increase and so will the aesthetic appeal.

Some residential areas in Northeast Ohio are built with backyards and front yards that are open and connected with no barriers. These structural plans were okay decades ago, but not anymore.

Do you remember running through your neighbor’s yard as a child? The world has changed a lot since then, and with this change comes a desire to be safe and protect the little ones we love.

Why You Should Get A Vinyl Fence For Your Home

Vinyl fences are high enough (4ft – 6ft) to create an invisible barrier. They are made with a thick vinyl material for durability. These materials usually look natural so that they blend in with the environment.

You should choose a privacy fence if you want to keep your pets and kids inside your yard while keeping the neighbor’s pets and kids out. It’s a great way to keep the peace in your neighborhood and will give you some peace of mind too.

What most homeowners love about this type of fencing is the added comfort it provides in the form of a visual barrier. If you prefer to keep to yourself, and don’t like it when your neighbors encroach on your space, then vinyl privacy fences will solve your problem.

Types of Vinyl Privacy Fences

There are several types of privacy fences available in the market. The difference is the look and material that it is made of. Most homeowners choose a vinyl fence that will suit the overall aesthetics of their landscape.

Privacy fences are usually durable and serve the purpose that they are manufactured for. But because our needs are different, it is a good idea to know what level of privacy each fence type will provide.

Solid Vinyl Privacy Fences

This is a classic vinyl privacy fence and is completely solid. A solid vinyl privacy fence is made to deliver 100% visibility blockage. It is ideal for all your needs with the main focus on visual privacy.

It is easy to install and offers excellent value in terms of cost and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re keeping the kids in, trespassers out, or simply hiding the trash can on your side of the yard, a solid vinyl privacy fence will serve all your needs.

A typical solid vinyl privacy fence has no gaps between the panels so it is the ultimate in privacy fencing.

Accented Vinyl Privacy Fences

Spruce up your vinyl privacy fence with accents like lattice or picket decoration at the top. It’s amazing what a little decorative accent can do to make a vinyl fence look more beautiful.

Countless homeowners favor this because the accents are used to break up the solid look. Some also choose accents because they match the picket fences in their neighborhood. It’s a nice way to stay consistent and still get the privacy you desire.

The accents do not affect the functionality of the fence. Your privacy fence will still deliver a visual screen and the panels can still be outfitted with a soundproof material.

Rock Wall Vinyl Privacy Fences

A stone look fence has been popular for ages and this trend is a mainstay for lots of homeowners. For those that want to add elegance and beauty to their home, there are many rock and stone vinyl designs to suit anyone’s taste.

A rock wall fence has all the qualities of vinyl but looks like stone. It is possibly the most beautiful privacy fence ever made and is perfect for commercial or residential applications. Just like most privacy fences, it is also soundproof.

There are different stone looks available, but the panels generally look and feel like natural granite stone. They are tested to withstand wind, UV light, hot and cold weather. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance or degradation.

Textured Vinyl Privacy Fences

Textured vinyl fences are available in several forms such as stucco and wood grain finishing. A wood vinyl fence has a natural wooden look but is made of a durable vinyl material that is functional and wood-like.

Textured privacy fences can add great style as well as privacy to your home and property. They offer an authentic wooden look that you won’t be able to tell apart from the real material.

A traditional stucco design is an easy-care vinyl fence. There are various options available, but just like your normal vinyl fence, a stucco design is also UV protected and maintenance free.

Rustic Vinyl Privacy Fences

Imagine reproducing the beauty and simplicity of epic America in your yard. This is a what a rustic vinyl fence will offer you. It is durable and made of a maintenance free vinyl fencing material that will add security or privacy to your home.

Semi-private Vinyl Fences

A semi-private fence can also offer a partial privacy solution. It creates a balance between privacy and airflow. Semi-private fences are created with a little bit of space in between the panels.

Even though a semi-private fence encourages air and light to flow freely, it is still made with materials that can block outsiders view to a certain extent. It will provide just the right amount of privacy that you need.

Before choosing a vinyl privacy fence to suit your yard, remember to consider the base of the structure. In most cases, a galvanized steel or aluminum support will be ideal for a base.

A skilled and experienced vinyl fence installer will guide you and help you make the right choices. For a long-lasting vinyl fence, choosing the right material and base is crucial. This is especially more important for Northeast Ohio residents who have to deal with harsh weather conditions. Please contact us here for more information on vinyl privacy fences.