Styles of Wood Fencing

In Blog by Jim Randall

If you have settled on wood fencing for your Cleveland area home, but are not sure what type of privacy fence to add, here are some styles to consider that are sure to match the architectural style of your home while still providing all the privacy you need.


Picket Fence

Considered one of the most traditional choices among wood fencing, the picket fence style has always been equated with the meaning of a happy home. It is ideal for keeping children and animals safe while creating a quaint border around your lawn. However, because it tends to be a low profile fence, this style does not provide much in the way of privacy.


Board on Board Fence

This wood fencing has wood boards on both sides of the fence that alternate. While this style tends to eliminate gaps and offer more privacy, it still has some openings to help add circulation to your yard.


Stockade Fence

The stockade fence has a jagged top while the rest is fully filled in with boards. Not only does this style of wood fencing offer privacy, but it also provides good security because climbers do not want to risk being cut on the sharp top to this fence.


Lattice Fence

This privacy fence offers the best of both worlds with planks to create security and a lattice top to add style and grace to your wood fencing.


Dog Eared Fence

This type of wood fencing offers variety while still giving you the privacy you need. This type of privacy fence often works well on properties that have unusual shapes.

Wood Fencing in Every Style

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