Putting Up a Privacy Fence

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As larger homes are being built on increasingly smaller lots, privacy fences are gaining popularity.  Living in the city of Cleveland, a large number of materials and styles are allowed to be used to put up a privacy fence.  Most common materials for a privacy fence are wood or vinyl and typically 6 feet in height.  If using wood, some common designs include the Peabody, the Highland and the Boulevard.  Whereas wooden privacy fences require the use of hammer and nails, many vinyl fence designs can be constructed by putting pre-formed pieces together.  The weight of a vinyl fence is less than that of wood, which makes it much easier to work with.  It is best to have the initial installation done by professionals such as those at Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, but after that, the limited maintenance that a vinyl fence requires can be done by the homeowner.

Before installing a privacy fence in the Cleveland area, it is best to be familiar with local regulations and the type of wood that would be the best bargain for the area.  If choosing a vinyl fence, then the type of vinyl is only limited to what the homeowner prefers.  Some wood, such as cedar and oak, are more resistant to rot and insect infestations than other types, because of the price difference it is best to determine if high moisture and insects could be a problem in that particular location.  For some areas, the less expensive pine would fit the privacy fence needs just fine.  Generally speaking, the pricier the wood is, the heavier and more durable it is.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, lifetime warranties are available on vinyl and ornamental fences.  Chain link and Cedar fences come with a 15-year warranty, and a limited warranty comes with treated wood fences.