Putting Up a Privacy Fence

In Blog by Jim Randall

Cleveland’s suburbs and regional areas are growing rapidly. As more houses are being built on smaller lots, privacy fences are becoming very important. More than ever before, homes are being built closer to streets, shopping districts and other public infrastructures.

While this is great for expanding communities and local industries, this sustained growth can make finding some privacy difficult.

It’s not a surprise that more homeowners are choosing to install privacy fences. It is one of the best ways to improve a home’s privacy without jeopardizing its look and feel.

Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing a privacy fence:


Of course, this one is a no-brainer because you are installing a privacy fence after-all! But it’s necessary to remember that different fences offer different levels of protection.

For example, wooden privacy fences are more affordable, but not the best choice if you want to keep noise in or out of your property because they have gaps between boards. However, vinyl is a better option if you want to keep noise in or out without any gaps or prying eyes.


The height of a privacy fence is also important. Six feet is usually well above eye level and perfect if you want to keep out intrusions. Many fencing experts recommend privacy fences above six feet to provide you with the best level of privacy. Six feet fences offer a secure and protective barrier all around your property.


Privacy fences don’t have to be boring. There are many designs that will compliment your property and outdoor area. If you choose wood, some popular designs include the Highland, Peabody, and Boulevard.

If you opt for vinyl fence designs, you will get a variety of options to choose from. Vinyl fences are constructed by putting pre-formed pieces together and this makes it easy for manufacturers to get creative with design.


You may not know this but a lightweight fence is preferable to heavier fences- especially during installation or relocation. The weight of vinyl fences are less than that of wood, and this makes it easier for installers to work with. Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck can work with any fence size or weight. But we recommend vinyl due to its overall ease of installation and because it is maintenance-free.

Local Regulations

Another important factor that should be considered is the rules and regulations that govern your neighborhood association. Some Cleveland communities have rules concerning the height, placement, and materials used in fencing. Understand these regulations first before you start to build your privacy fence. This will ensure that there are no setbacks during the process.


Lastly is the material used in your privacy fence. There are different materials available, but choosing between vinyl, wood or steel will be a personal choice that is will be governed by price, neighborhood regulations, designs and many other factors.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on vinyl and ornamental privacy fences. Others like cedar and chain link fences come with a 15-years warranty. You will also get a limited warranty with treated wood fences.