Split Rail Installation Cleveland Ohio

If you’re in the Cleveland, OH area and looking for expert split rail installation, then look no further! Our experienced technicians provide top-notch installation services at a great price. We guarantee quick, reliable service to fit every budget.

Plan Your Split Rail Fence Layout

Before we start your split rail fence installation, it’s important to plan your fence layout. Measure the area that needs fencing, decide how close together you want the posts to be placed and consider if any gates are required. With a good plan in place, your installation service will be smooth and efficient.

Check Local Regulations and Obtain Permits

Before we can move forward with installation, it’s important to check zoning regulations and determine if any building permits are required. In the Northeast Ohio area, you’ll need to consult with the local government office to make sure your fence doesn’t violate any rules or codes. Once we have the necessary permits, we will be ready to begin your split rail fence installation project.

What Is A Split Rail Fence?

Split rail installation is a process for installing a wooden fence with gaps between the posts and boards. This type of fencing gives an attractive, natural appearance to your yard or property, and it’s quite easy to install and maintain compared to other types of fencing. Typically, split rails are spaced between 4-6 feet apart, allowing plenty of air flow without sacrificing privacy.

What are the Various Types of Materials We Can Use in Installations?

Our experienced technicians offer installation services utilizing various types of materials. Options include cedar, pressure-treated pine, redwood, and vinyl-coated chain link. Depending on your specific needs and availability, the type of material you choose may vary depending on how much privacy you require, how much air flow is necessary or desired, and the look you hope to achieve for your outdoor space. We will work with you to ensure a successful split rail installation that meets all of your requirements.

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