Privacy Fences, Offering Safety & Seclusion

Whether you have nosy neighbors or just want a little more seclusion from passerby’s, privacy fences are a great option for creating a barrier between your property and the outside world. Privacy fences are specifically designed to conceal your yard or home from other people. They can also add a decorative element to your property.

Privacy fences lack the spacing between posts that most other fences have. They are also typically higher than the average fence. Almost any type of fencing material can be used to create a privacy fence, but wood is the most popular choice. Wood is a cheap material. However, wood is susceptible to rot and weather damage. Vinyl and aluminum are also common privacy fencing materials that are a little more durable.

Installing a privacy fence doesn’t mean your home has to look like a prison. These fences can add to the overall design and decor of your landscape. Many people add vegetation to their privacy fences for yet another element of concealment, and the addition of natural beauty to the fence. Wisteria is a popular choice and adds beautiful flowers and colors to your fence that will draw hummingbirds to your yard. Most woody vines will grow well on fences, however, can easily ruin wood. The roots of the vines can insert themselves into the cracks of the fence and cause damage. If you do want to add a vine to your privacy fence, consider using vinyl or aluminum as the building material.

Privacy fences can keep prying eyes and unwanted visitors away from your private space. At Northeast Ohio Fence, we have installed all sorts of these fences in the Cleveland area and would love to help create a space of seclusion by building a privacy fence for you and your family.