Picket Fences, Install a Piece of the American Dream

There simply is nothing more American than a picket fence. Picket fences have been popular since the colonial era, and are still one of the most requested and sought after fences today.

Picket fences are characterized by their simple and clean design. Most picket fences are used in the front of homes to keep the house secure but not block any views. The height of the fence can vary, but most are no higher than around 50 inches. The most noticeable features of a picket fence include the spaces between the posts and the sharp pointed tops of the posts. There are many different styles of picket fences. If you want a modern twist on this traditional fence, you might consider the staggered picket, scallop picket, or arch picket.

Traditionally picket fences are white, but can be painted or stained any color. This type of fence typically surrounds homes, but can also be used for smaller spaces like gardens and pools. Wood is the most popular material when it comes to building a picket fence. Wood provides the traditional picket fence look we see in the movies and paintings, but many other materials can be used to create the look. Aluminum and vinyl are good choices and are known to last longer than wood, although they cost a bit more.

If you want a slice of the American dream here in Cleveland and can see a white picket surrounding your home, then contact Northeast Ohio Fence about installation.