Low Maintenance Fence

In Blog by Jim Randall

All fences have their benefits and drawbacks.  Some fences are made of heavy, durable materials such as sturdy wood and last for a long time.  Those generally have a higher sticker price than chain-link or wire fencing.  Each type serves a purpose.  A vinyl fence can be seen as a happy medium encompassing the best of both worlds.  They are versatile because they are available in a wide array of colors and textures and are affordable from companies such as Northeast Ohio Fence & Deck in Cleveland.  Vinyl fences have no issues with termites or rot and most times come with warranties.

It is important, first to verify that a vinyl fence is allowed in your area.  Some homes, especially those falling under an HOA, may only be allowed to have one specific type of fence or none at all.  Homes in areas with extreme weather or near salt water benefit greatly from vinyl fencing.  Sellers of vinyl fencing in Cleveland and other areas specify the best vinyl fence for the part of the country where the purchase is made.  The material is five times stronger than most wood and is more flexible in high winds, it’s not rusted or corroded by salt, and is safe enough for animal pins due to its non-toxic nature.Occasional soap and water rinse is the extent of the maintenance it requires, and because the color of the material is consistent throughout the piece, instead of being painted on, scratches and other imperfections are less noticeable. These fences are also better for the environment, they do not require cutting down of trees and are made of recycled materials, which, in turn, can be recycled upon replacement.Both the initial installation and replacement of this type of fence is easy to do, and most homeowners do not need to hire a professional to get the job done.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, lifetime warranties are available on vinyl and ornamental fences.  Chain link and Cedar fences come with a 15-year warranty, and a limited warranty comes with treated wood fences.