Installing a Pool Fence, a Choice That Can Save Lives

In Blog by Jim Randall

Pools are a fantastic way to cool down during the summer and can provide loads of fun for your family and friends. However, they also come with a significant risk.

If you have small children who can’t swim well or are not confident in the pool, you should take certain steps to ensure they are safe around.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 people die every day from accidental drowning and out of this number 2 are children. In fact, drowning is ranked as the 5th most common cause of unintentional injuries or death in the United States.

In Cleveland Ohio, drowning can occur in an instant. Google the search phrase “pool drowning in Ohio” and you will see many incidents with children as the victims.

You cannot rely on the supervision of an adult to protect little children around the pool. Looking away for a moment can be disastrous that is why you must choose a more reliable way of protecting your kids.

Prevent Accidental Drowning With a Pool Fence

Fortunately, drowning in a pool is one unexpected loss you can prevent easily. There are many ways to keep your children safe around the pool, but the most effective method is a by installing a sturdy pool fence.

Putting a barrier between your children and the pool could save their lives. Almost all public pool facilities adhere to the best safety standards. In hotels, housing and apartment complexes, there are requirements and regulations already set to govern pool installation and maintenance. But when it comes to your private backyard pool, it’s really all up to you.

Putting a fence around the pool is a great way to keep your small children safe, but you shouldn’t just install any fence. It is essential that you choose a high-quality and made of sturdy material.

Why NeoFence For Pool Fence Installs in Cleveland

At Northeast Ohio Fence, we offer a wide range of different types of fences that are high-quality and safe for your whole family.

Pool owners in the Cleveland area who want to prevent accidents or tragedies will benefit from our fence install service in Cleveland. Here are some reasons why…

Safe pool fences

The Red Cross recommends that all pool fences be self-closing and self-latching. Do you know why?

If you get out of the pool and forget to shut it, the entry becomes a hazard for small children who could walk into the pool area unattended. A self-closing and self-latching fence will add more safety to your pool area.

Besides, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends this types of fences because they automatically close after you walk through making them the best and safest options for private pool areas.

Easy lock mechanism

Most regular pool fence gates have a latch located in the middle of the gate. Which means that children can reach the latch and can open it after you’ve locked it.

All our fence installations come with locks that are strategically located so that small children cannot reach them. We adhere to pool fence best practices and install a lock that is safe and out of the reach of curious toddlers.

Beautiful fence to enhance your property

We’ve never met a homeowner who was satisfied with a boring looking pool fence. It sort of defeats the point doesn’t it?

The pool area is somewhere that you can relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. We understand this and ensure that you get the most aesthetically pleasing pool fence to suit your landscape.

So as well as its functionality, the pool fence will also be a plus to your outdoor decor and not an eyesore.

Sturdiness pool fence material

Some fence installs in Cleveland will only keep your little children out of the pool area, but they are made of flimsy materials that are not sturdy or long-lasting.

We go one step further by installing a fence that can withstand the harsh elements and certain types of force. You never know when this feature will come in handy.

So if you have a pool in Cleveland and need help fortifying the area to make it safe for your kids, give us a call now and we can help you create a beautiful and safe outdoor area.