Installing a Fence

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People put up fences for a variety of reasons.  There is the most obvious, for security and limited access.  Aluminum, iron and chain-link fencing is used when that is the main reason.  They are more practical and economical to use when aesthetics is not a concern.  Commercial properties favor the metal fence.  For residential property, the look and feel of a fenceis just as important as its job.  That is why fence installations for a family home are usually wood or vinyl, both of which also provide privacy.  Private fences add curb appeal to the home and look best when they match the style of the house.  These types of fences are generally on the shorter side, especially those in the front yard.  Their basic purpose is to keep the kids and dogs inside while keeping everyone not residing on the property, outside.  Backyard fences tend to be more for security and separation from neighbors and less about looks.  Fences are also designed to match patios and decks.  Chain link fences are also used for dog runs and fences from various materials are used to protect home gardens.

The basics of putting up a fence are pretty straight forward.  Using a posthole digger or an auger dig the holes for the posts, stand it up with roughly 1/3 of the post below ground.  Once the posts are secured, move onto securing the rest of the fence in place.  For those homeowners who don’t enjoy manual labor and are located in Cleveland, Ohio, there are businesses such as the Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck company who provide fence installation in the Cleveland area.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, lifetime warranties are available on vinyl and ornamental fences.  Chain link and Cedar fences come with a 15-year warranty, and a limited warranty comes with treated wood fences.