Getting the Peace of Mind that Comes with a Security Fence

For millions of years, people have created barriers to prevent access to their private property. From ditches to moats, there have historically been many ways to keep people off of private land, but the most common nowadays is a sturdy fence, often referred to as security or perimeter fences.

Security fences are designed like most other fences with posts attached to horizontal rails. However, they are typically relatively high and often have an added security layer on top to prevent people from climbing the fence. Many fences have spikes or barbed wire on top. It’s wise to choose a sturdy material before installing a security fence. Most any material can be used to build a security fence, but chain links are a good option, as is wood that forms sharp spikes on top.

Another important element of a security fence is the locking mechanism. Make sure you have a lock that self-closes. It’s all too easy to forget to latch your gate shut, and if it doesn’t do it automatically, you’re inviting burglars and other unwanted visitors onto your property and possibly even into your home.

A security fence can be your first line of defense from an intruder. A fence can stop criminals well before a high-tech alarm system or security camera has the chance to deter them. If you live in the Cleveland area and want the peace of mind that comes with the installation of a security fence, contact Northeast Ohio Fence to see what we can do for you.