Finding a Great Wooden Fence

In Blog by Jim Randall

A wooden fence has a long history, as it is the traditional material used for fencing.  Last year, roughly 59,000 miles of wooden fencing was put up across the country.  References to a ‘white picket fence’ bring with them images of a happy family with a dog and toothy smiles all around.  Whether you are looking for a traditional style or have a more modern type of wooden fencing in mind, a good selection of wooden fencing in the Cleveland area can be found at Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck.  A wooden or a vinyl fence is a good choice if privacy is a concern.  Wooden fences offer the most versatility of all other fencing materials.  The height, thickness, specifically carved shape of the beams, and even the type of wood can be custom made to build a perfect wooden fence.

The kind of wood chosen has a significant impact on the price and quality of the fence.  Several types work well in the Cleveland area; western red cedar has a natural resistance to moisture, rot and insect infestation.  Oak fences are sturdier than cedar, they are, however, prone to warping and bowing.  The toughest type of wood available are black locust and tropical hardwoods, the latter is so dense that it needs to be predrilled before work can be done on it.  Wooden beams for a fence can be purchased pre-treated, which increases their resistance to wear and tear and pest attacks.  Pre-treated wood should not be used around gardens, especially organic gardens as the chemicals tend to leak into the soil and spread to nearby vegetation.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, lifetime warranties are available on vinyl and ornamental fences.  Chain link and Cedar fences come with a 15-year warranty, and a limited warranty comes with treated wood fences.