Aluminum Fencing: A Sturdy & Stylish Option

In Blog by Jim Randall

Aluminum fencing offers the beauty and protection of traditional wrought iron fences without the difficulty of installation or exorbitant cost or maintenance.

If you are thinking of installing a fence and want one that is both visually appealing as well as functional, then you should consider aluminum fencing. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and heights that add prestige and value to any property. No other fence will do so much to enhance and beautify your home or commercial projects like aluminum fences.

With the many choices available on the market today, here are some reasons why Ohio residents need aluminum fencing:

1. Maintenance free

Aluminum fences are a fantastic choice and require minimal maintenance – some people will attest to it being completely maintenance free. They are a great choice for pool settings, perimeter marking, security, and general property fencing.

Aluminum fences are also a good option because they are most times sold with a lifetime warranty. This is why many Ohio homes and businesses today have chosen aluminum fencing for security, protection, and enhanced look of their properties!

2. Affordable option

Another fantastic benefit of buying aluminum fencing is that it is affordable. The initial investment of an aluminum fencing system may be a bit more than a custom wood fence, but your aluminum fence will definitely pay for itself over the years.

Wood fencing is nice but requires a great deal of upkeep. In order to maintain a wood fence and keep it looking clean and new, you will have to stain it on a yearly basis. Staining and painting are two very tedious, and labor-intensive tasks that cost money.

Aluminum fences don’t come with any hassles or extra cost. In the long term, it is a much cheaper option. The key is to look past the initial installation and you’ll be glad you did.

3. Keep intruders out

Just like many other effective fencing options, aluminum fencing does what it’s supposed to do – it keeps intruders out!

It is also wonderful for keeping children and pets safe at home. You can use aluminum fencing as a smart weapon to protect your property and yard while keeping your valuables and loved ones safe inside the home.

4. Visually appealing

A beautiful aluminum fence can enhance the visual appeal of your yard, garden, pool, or property.

There are many old beliefs surrounding aluminum fencing. Some people have a mental picture that aluminum fencing and gates come only in one color – silver. Actually, modern aluminum fences are available in different colors such as black, white, bronze, green, and many more colors. Special color orders are definitely an available too. You can have your aluminum fencing panels, posts, and gates painted any color you like!

Another thing that makes aluminum an awesome choice for Ohio fencing is that you can go wild with the designs. You can order pressed spear points, welded post flanges, puppy pickets, and so much more.

5. Increases property value

Fences will generally increase the value of your property. Aluminum fences are no different. They will add value to your property and increase your chances of a sale if you are going to market.

6. Perfect for Cleveland topography

The city of Cleveland is flat, but when you head towards the suburbs, it gets “hilly”. People who live in hilly regions tend to choose aluminum fencing because it is easier to install on uneven slopes.

But no matter where you live in Ohio – flat or hilly or even a combination of both – aluminum fencing can be installed with no problems or hassles.


Aluminum fencing has quickly become the new standard and has replaced wrought iron. Ohio fencing with aluminum is a better investment over time as most of the drawbacks of traditional iron fences do not apply.

There is an ever-growing variety of aluminum fences and styles available to suit the needs of different consumers. But what makes this type of fencing more popular is the minimal maintenance required. If you’ve ever had to deal with a collapsed fence, then you know that a maintenance free fencing option will offer you peace of mind.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about buying and installing an aluminum fence. Our team of professionals at Northeast Ohio Fence can take care of everything. Simply contact us to discuss customization options, costs, and installation.