Fencing Your Property with Aluminum

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An aluminum fence is strong,reliable and requires little maintenance.  The initial cost of this type of fence may be higher than for a wood fence, but because of its easy upkeep, the costs even out.  Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck company provides aluminum fencing in the Cleveland area.    An aluminum fence can be modified to fit practically anywhere.  The basic design of metal posts is available in a number of different lengths to serve a specific purpose.  Shorter posts provide clear property lines and keep dogs and kids safe from traffic and other dangers on the street.  Higher aluminum fences, especially with an addition of spikes, prevent unauthorized persons from exiting or entering a facility.

A Cleveland-based fencing company, Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, provide all kinds of aluminum fencing.  The spacing between the posts and colorcan be modified to adjust how much can be seen through the fence.  These types of fences can be placed on flat surfaces as well slopes and hills without any awkward gaps or transitions.  The powder-coated finish is available in a few muted colors; black, white, some warm shades of beige, brown and bronze and a few others. Aluminum fencing is used for impressive entrances to estates as well as less grandeur passageways.  The rail system, where the fence rolls to the left and right to open and close is the most common, there are options, however, for a swinging gate available with aluminum fences as well.

On a chemical level, aluminum does not rust like iron does and is not too susceptible to corrosion.  It doesn’t rot or fade, so moisture and sun don’t have a degrading effect on this type of fencing.

At Northeast Ohio Fence and Deck, lifetime warranties are available on vinyl and ornamental fences.  Chain link and Cedar fences come with a 15-year warranty, and a limited warranty comes with treated wood fences.