Adding Frill and Flair to Your Fence

In Blog by Jim Randall

The primary function of a fence is to offer protection and security, but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore. In fact, some people install fences for decorative purposes. Decorative fences can add an element of design to your yard or property that reflects your personality.

Often, white picket fences are there simply for decoration. They can add a charming element of design to your garden and home. Many people are now installing vinyl picket fences, simply because they don’t need to be re-painted often and are known to last a long time.

Other types of fences made from aluminum, wood, and even chain links can still be decorative. A common way to make this happen is to add ornaments to the top or other embellishments to the body of the fence. You can add planters, mirrors, birdhouses, or grow vines on a fence.

Another way to make a fence decorative is to take a common type of material and add a design to it. One example of this is installing a wooden fence, but instead of just using plain flat lumber, you add a checkered pattern. You can do this to the entire fence or just a portion.

Adding an arch or creative entryway can also make a fence more decorative. For many people, a fence is the first layer of their home, so they want guests and visitors to feel welcome from the second they see it. You can hang signs and add embellishments to an arch to make it even more personalized and inviting.

At Northeast Ohio Fence, we love taking on custom fence challenges, and also have experience installing decorate fences all over the Cleveland area, and would love to make your decorative fence dreams come true.