A Brief History of Fencing

In Blog by Jim Randall

The poet Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This has certainly been the case as the fence has been used to keep certain things in and others out as well as delineating property lines.


Throughout history, fences have been used around the world in various situations as a fortification solution for property, people, and their valuables. Some fencing is strong like the Wall of China or the stone walls throughout England while others are lightweight and flexible, such as the picket fence or a removable pool security fence.


Fences have also been made out of all types of materials, including wood, vinyl, composite and metal. Back in the day, some fences were even nature, being made from hedges that have grown together or trees closely planted together.


The most often used reason for fencing in the early days involved the domestication of animals on farms and ranches. Herds of cows and other animals were kept safely from human and animal poachers behind fencing. Still today, we like to keep our pets safe in our front and backyards by using fencing.


Somewhere along the way as homes got built closer together, the privacy fence developed to ensure that other people were not wandering into your yard or so that you could have peace and quiet in your garden sanctuary.


These days fences have become decorative and serve as ways to break up a garden space into smaller areas. Included is an area for growing flowers or vegetables, an area that houses a swimming pool, and another area for barbecuing or socializing.


Fencing for Every Need

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