5 Benefits of Installing A New Fence In The Fall

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Thinking of installing a new fence in your home? Great idea! A new fence is an effective way to beautify your home. It can give your home a new, elegant look. The most important decision you need to make is when to do it.

At first glance, the smartest option seems to be spring or summer. After all, spring is when all the home-improvement projects in the Cleveland tend to be carried out. In summer, its bright and sunny – so a great time for outdoor activities like fixing a new fence.

However, you might want to seriously consider the fall. Yes, it seems a rather odd time for home-improvement projects. But then, for adding a fence to your home, it could be the best time. Here’s why:

Faster Delivery

The simple fact is that most people repair or install their fences in the spring and summer months. This means that for contractors, the fall is quite slow. There aren’t lots of orders coming through. As such, scheduling your project in the fall will guarantee you a quick turnaround.

In the spring or summer, you cannot guarantee a prompt response to your project request. By the time you come, there could be a queue of customers who got there before you. There’d be nothing to do but serve those who came before you.

The low business volume comes in especially handy in cases where you need special permits for your fence. This means that the permissions can be processed within the shortest time possible – because the city permit staff are less busy in the fall.

Cost Savings

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Scheduling your fence installation project in the fall can actually save you money. There are two major reasons for this. First of all, most contractors in Cleveland, OH offer discounts during the fall. This is because business is usually slow – and they’re trying to boost their earnings. As such, they either offer price discounts or service improvements at the same price. This basically means that you get much more from your money that is possible in the spring or summer months.

Secondly, contractors typically have more time on their hands in the fall. This is because they aren’t rushing through your project to get done and catch up with the other three or four pending orders. Basically, they can spend the maximum time possible on your property. This gives you an opportunity to work with them to identify cost-cutting opportunities.

The bottom line is that scheduling a new fence project in the fall guarantees maximum value for your money. Wouldn’t you want to get a bang for your buck?

Maximum Season Time

Wooden fences sometimes warp and splinter when installed during the spring or summer months. This is because the heat and strength of UV rays make the wood to dry too fast. This is what causes the warping and splitting.

In the fall, wooden fences never warp and split up. The reason is that there is no heat from the sun to strike the fences fiercely. This basically means that the wood can “season” up for a while, leading to a slow, uniform and even dry. Essentially, installing a wooden fence in the fall is actually a great strategy for ensuring its longevity.

Enjoying Your Springtime

Perhaps the best thing about installing your new fence in the fall is that once spring comes, it’s time for fun! Fun in your own yard. You don’t have to begin running around trying to fix your fence before you can begin the fun. You just have to indulge in whatever outdoor activities you delight in.

Installing your fence in the fall also frees you up for some of the spring cleanings and other home-improvement activities. Having one item less on your agenda means that you can run through your to-do list much faster, and then enjoy the remainder of spring.

Contractors Are Ready For You

From the perspective of a contractor, there is no significant difference between fall, spring, and summer. That is when it comes to installing new fences. We have the equipment, skills, and materials best suited for fixing a fence in the fall. You don’t need to fear that you’ll get a lower quality service compared to the summer or spring months.

Our contractors are specialists in delivering high-quality fences irrespective of the weather. We can give you exactly what you need. Therefore, if you’ve been contemplating on installing a new fence in your Northeast Ohio home, you’re on the right track. Contact us right away, and let’s get started on fixing that fence. You’ll be glad you did!